Digital Benchmarking and Measurement

“How much should we be paying per like on Facebook?” or “What is a good CTR for a display campaign?” are questions that will be familiar to anyone working in Digital. Benchmarks are a constant topic of discussion, and it’s only natural that we want to understand whether we are doing better or worse than everyone else.

It is not easy to find Asia specific benchmarks, but this post is a fairly comprehensive list of all the resources available. Where there are no local benchmarks, more general industry specific or global benchmarks can still help us understand performance, so we have included the best of these.


DG MediaMind Global Ad Benchmarks – Mediamind are the largest adserver across Asia, so their display ad benchmarks should be the most comprehensive and accurate. [PDF download]

DoubleClick Display Benchmarks – The Google DoubleClick display benchmarking tool is an easy to use source for display ad benchmarks. Good to sense check or provide more granular detail against Mediamind benchmarks.

Facebook Facebook Ad Benchmarks – Global Facebook benchmarks from, one of the largest global Facebook management tools. [PDF Download]

AgoraPulse Barometer – Great source for page stats benchmarks. Average Fans Reached, Engagment and PTAT benchmarks across their network.


Mailchimp Email Benchmarks – A useful post from MailChimp highlighting email benchmarks by category.


Fireclick – The Fireclick Index provides an objective comparison of key metrics across a variety of segments.


There is little publicly available info available for Search. Basic info can be found here.


Interesting discussion of the common pitfalls around benchmarking at the Adobe blog. This is also great resource for general digital knowledge.

Google provides benchmarking within many of it’s tools, although clearly this is not easily publicly available. If you want to investigate, there is some basic info to get you started here.

Please let us know if there are other publicly available resources you use that we have missed.

One final word of warning. Benchmarks are great at helping us understand Digital performance against the average. However, they tend to over simplify Digital measurement, so make sure you understand the specifics of a situation before judging any campaign a success or failure.