10 Things People Who Don’t Get Digital Say or Do

Everyone knows someone who works in marketing, advertising or media, but doesn’t get Digital. It could be a manager, client, or colleague.

At best they’re incompetent, but the worst culprits are the reason big businesses struggle, or even fail.

We asked brands, agencies and publishers across Asia to tell us about the most common problems they experience. The feedback was fascinating, and we think very familiar. Continue reading “10 Things People Who Don’t Get Digital Say or Do”

Digital Benchmarking and Measurement

“How much should we be paying per like on Facebook?” or “What is a good CTR for a display campaign?” are questions that will be familiar to anyone working in Digital. Benchmarks are a constant topic of discussion, and it’s only natural that we want to understand whether we are doing better or worse than everyone else.

It is not easy to find Asia specific benchmarks, but this post is a fairly comprehensive list of all the resources available. Where there are no local benchmarks, more general industry specific or global benchmarks can still help us understand performance, so we have included the best of these. Continue reading “Digital Benchmarking and Measurement”