2014 in Review: Top 5 Most Engaged Digital in Asia Content

For the second in our seasonal review we look at our 5 top pieces of engaged content from DIA over 2014. Of course we’ve weighted our rankings so that content posted in November has as much chance as the early starter from January.

Clear themes emerge: Indonesia, Mobile and Social Media are all a focus. Finding benchmarks to understand campaign performance is also important.

1. Jakarta: The Social Media Capital of the World


From Focus on… Indonesia: Digital Landscape part of our Focus on… series covering individual Asian market Digital landscapes.

2. dg MediaMind Digital Adserving Benchmarks

From Digital Benchmarking and Measurement in Asia

3. The Mobile Internet Consumer – Indonesia

From Mobile Marketing in Asia

4.  The Rise of Asia’s Mobile Messengers

From Market Overview: The Rise of Asia’s Mobile Messaging Apps

5. Facebook Ads Benchmark Report

From Digital Benchmarking and Measurement in Asia