2014 in Review: Top 5 Digital in Asia Hot Topics

For the latest in our seasonal review series we look at the top 5 topics on DIA over 2014.

We aggregated info across Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare and here on site to understand the topics that were hot over the year.

There aren’t many surprises – our Top 5 Most Engaged Content and Top 5 Articles reviews have already introduced the key themes for 2014. Indonesia, Mobile and Ecommerce were a huge focus, and we expect this to continue into 2015. Interest in Programmatic and Data point to the future of advertising in the region.

One interesting filter is to split the data out by region. When we do this, we clearly see the interest in local markets – Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar – as coming broadly from outside Asia. The interest in channels and general digital knowledge – programmatic, mobile, benchmarking – tends to originate from within Asia.

Our site, then, serves two purposes. A repository of general digital info for those within Asia. And a window into Asia for those outside. We plan to continue to create great content around these two pillars in 2015.

Enjoy our hot topics review of 2014. Here’s to even hotter topics in the year ahead.

1. Programmatic

Programmatic took the top spot. Our series on The New Digital Advertising Ecosystem continued to attract visitors, with articles covering regional high fliers MediaQuark and MicroAd also picking up interest, demonstrating the appetite for programmatic in Asia. 2015 has the potential to be a huge year.

2. Mobile

Was 2014 the year of Mobile? Coverage included the rise of Asia’s mobile messengers and the amazing stats showing half a billion new smartphone users across just China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia in 2014.

3. Ecommerce

Return on investment is key for advertisers, and there is no more immediate return than ecommerce. Content on Ecommerce in Emerging Asia drew visitors over the year. Google’s release of ZMOT for Asia showed advertisers not only how to do online commerce, but also how to use the online for commerce. A much wider and more exciting brief than ecommerce alone.  Finally our ongoing partnership promoting ecommerce excellence with eTail Asia was a hit.

4. Indonesia

2014 was the year the advertising community really woke up to the potential of Indonesia. We updated our coverage in Focus on… Indonesia,  and learned that Indonesia would add 40m smartphone users in 2014. Perhaps most interesting were the projections showing the Indonesia digital advertising market growing at 75% in 2014, predicted to match South Korea at $2.85 billion in digital investment by 2018.

5. South East Asia

Wider coverage of South East Asia proved popular. With 600m people, this relatively undiscovered region from a digital advertising perspective boasts almost 10% of the world’s population, and powerhouses such as Indonesia and Vietnam are pushing the digital envelope. Expect to see more  in 2015 as the IAB in Singapore, headed by up and coming digital executive Miranda Dimopoulos, continues to launch initiatives that boost regional digital marketing. A recent study from PWC showed just how necessary this investment is for the region.