The New Digital Advertising Ecosystem part III

For this latest post in our ongoing series looking at The New Digital Advertising Ecosystem, we wanted to go right back to basics, and look at an online advertising 101. Understanding the evolution of the Digital media market over the last decade is a crucial part of understanding what is happening now.

The Lies, Damned Lies… blog contains a series of articles providing one of the best explanations we’ve found anywhere on the web of how the online advertising business actually works. These date back to 2008, but they are still as relevant as ever. A must read for anyone working in Digital, client, agency, or publisher side.

Here is the full list of online advertising 101 posts:

Some of these topics seem fairly technical, but everything is extremely well referenced, so it really is possible for anyone – no matter how non-digital – to get a basic understanding of what is going on. We think it is important to bring a bit of transparency to the complex and sometimes opaque world of Digital advertising.

If you have any further questions, as always, please ask and we can update based on your feedback.