The New Digital Advertising Ecosystem Part II

We have already covered the new digital advertising ecosystem at a basic level in a previous post.

Here we wanted to start looking at things in a little more detail with the help of LUMA Partners.

LUMA Partners have compiled a series of landscapes – named LUMAscapes – to map key digital advertising sectors including Social, Search, Display, Mobile and Video. These guides are useful for a number of reasons:

  • Many of the businesses featured will be new to you. But rest assured, they are coming to Asia. These are the global Ad Tech heavyweights, and if you don’t know them yet, you soon will. It is crucial to understand what developed Digital ecosystems look like in other markets, and to get up to speed with what is starting to happen in Asia.
  • Even without knowing all the players, LUMAscapes help explain the basic shape of the ecosystem, and the roles different businesses occupy. It’s fun to look at your market and think whether there is anybody offering a specific service yet. Maybe you can see a business opportunity.
  • They are great to include in presentations where you either want to impress your peers, confuse clients, or a combination of both. LUMAscapes can be used to simplify or complicate things, it all depends on the explanation you decide to give. Handy!

We’ve posted the relevant LUMAscapes below for easy reference:


Download here.


Download here.


Download here.


Download here.


Download here.

As a final note, it is important to remember that these LUMAscapes are not perfect. Many companies operate across multiple sectors and there are significant product and business differences within categories. Landscapes constantly change, but LUMAscapes are always a good indication of the current situation.