Consumer Electronics Path to Purchase in Asia Pacific

Two in every three Asian shoppers has already researched and made a decision regarding which brand of consumer electronics product they will buy before they approach point-of-sale, online or offline, according to Text100’s Digital Index: APAC Consumer Electronics Study.

The research looks at how different information sources vary in importance at each stage of the customer journey for the consumer electronics sector.

These findings are based on online interviews conducted in October 2013 across Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. Key findings include:

  • Singaporean and Hong Kong consumers are the most price-sensitive shoppers
  • 9 in 10 Chinese consumers expect to buy smart devices in the next 12 months
  • Despite relatively low Internet penetration, 1 in every 2 consumers in India rely on online word-of-mouth when buying smart devices

Full survey below. There is plenty of further information at the Text 100 site regarding each individual market, definitely worth a visit.

Text 100 Consumer Electronic Index Asia-Pacific (2013) 

What this research helps make apparent is that there is a huge incentive for Asia Pacific brands to build a connected and consistent shopping experience across bricks and mortar, desktop, laptop, mobile, apps and social sites. Looking at a typical consumer journey for smart devices, it becomes clear why connected thinking across online and offline platforms is crucial.

Smart / Wearable Devices Consumer Journey (2013) [Infographic]


Other infographics, and plenty of market level insight can be found at the Text 100 survey page here.