ASEAN Consumer Insight Report

In 2015, The ASEAN Economic Community, or AEC, will come into effect, creating a single market that encompasses 600 million people across 10 countries. Brands in the region have a historic opportunity to connect with consumers as ASEAN enters a new growth phase.

An extensive survey of consumers across the ASEAN region by JWT has identified the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for brands when the economic community comes into effect.

There’s a definite sense of excitement and optimism among consumers about the impact the AEC will have. While most consumers feel the AEC will bring the most benefit to the larger countries and businesses, 61% do feel it will have a positive impact on themselves personally, and their families.

JWT ASEAN Consumer Report (2013)

This report dovetails nicely with the Comscore Digital Future in Focus research we featured recently to provide a holistic overview of the region both from a consumer and Digital perspective.

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