Focus on… Thailand’s Digital Landscape

In the second of our series focusing on individual market Digital landscapes, we look at Thailand.

With consistent long term economic growth, Thailand is now one of the key countries contributing to the emerging global middle class. This rise in wealth puts Thailand ahead of other South East Asian markets in some ways in terms of the maturity of the online ecosystem. As of Q2 2013 mobile devices in use across Thailand reached 90m, exceeding the total population of the country, while Facebook in Thailand grew to 24m users in Q3 2013, a huge rise of 33% in over Q2.

However, Thailand still suffers from concerns surrounding excessive regulatory involvement online, which has the potential to limit internet growth moving forward. Eric Schmidt, the Google CEO, wrote an interesting (and extremely pointed) article in The Nation this week highlighting the ongoing need for Thailand to fulfill it’s digital potential and maintain it’s leading position regionally.

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thailand infographic august_update2

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