5 Digital Marketing Trends for South East Asia in 2014

Syndacast have just released an infographic covering five marketing trends to watch out for in South East Asia 2014. Worth taking a look.

  1. Female consumers gaining greater influence in Asia – 31% of women in Asia are chief income earners
  2. Social media is booming – 69% of Singaporeans have connected with brands on a social media site
  3. Organic food purchasing gaining popularity fast – 18% of consumers in Southeast Asia are willing to pay a little more for organic food and greens
  4. Indonesia will boom – The country’s GDP and number of middle class and affluent Indonesian consumers will double by 2020
  5. Mobile will dominate – There are already 895 million mobile users in the region.

Do you think there is anything missing from this list?

South East Asia 2014: Trends Digital Marketers “Must Know” [Infographic]