10 Things People Who Don’t Get Digital Say or Do

Everyone knows someone who works in marketing, advertising or media, but doesn’t get Digital. It could be a manager, client, or colleague.

At best they’re incompetent, but the worst culprits are the reason big businesses struggle, or even fail.

We asked brands, agencies and publishers across Asia to tell us about the most common problems they experience. The feedback was fascinating, and we think very familiar.

From our survey, here are the top ten things that people who don’t get Digital say or do:

1. They obsess about online banner blindness. But play Candy Crush all through the TV ad break.

2. They spend the Mobile presentation glued to their smartphone. Then fail to sign off any Mobile budget.

3. They want to measure everything on clicks, even though it’s a terrible metric for a brand campaign. (The TV team start worrying they might be asked about their CTR.)

4. They won’t use PPC. “We don’t do eCommerce”. When their campaign fails, they Google for a new ad agency.

5. They think success is a 30% Facebook engagement rate. Even though they only reached 14 people.

6. You meet for your weekly status meeting in the regular cafe. It’s easy to find, and has been there for years. Probably why it’s so popular. Then they tell you about the latest new microsite. They fail to see the irony.

7. They want to know if they get a coffee with that cookie. On the upside, at least they have a sense of humour. Kind of.

8. They delegate Digital to the most junior member of the team. Enough said.

9. They think everything in Digital must be about the “big idea”. David Ogilvy is spinning in his grave.

10. They think it’s all about the conversation. They don’t consider whether people really want a conversation with a washing powder.

Let us know if there is anything we have missed.