Trends 2023: Forrester – APAC Predictions 2023

In the next year, successful business leaders will prioritize long-term growth and eliminate unproductive efforts. Companies in the Asia Pacific region are seeking new ways to thrive amid the global economic downturn, with Martech adoption, greenwashing, consumer trust and automation top of mind.

However, it will be challenging for these firms to find a balance between investing in transformation and growth, while also promoting sustainability, resilience, and employee empowerment.

Trust will be a top priority for businesses in 2023 as customers and regulators become more skeptical of organizations that mishandle personal data. Additionally, regulators will scrutinize greenwashing, misinformation, and employee surveillance.

To succeed in this complex market, business leaders must maintain a clear, long-term strategic vision and stay focused on their organization’s mission and strengths, while also being flexible and adaptable in an uncertain environment.

This latest Forrester report covers the key predicted consumer, tech and marketing trends in Asia Pacific for 2023.