MicroAd launches SSP aimed at APAC publishers

MicroAd today announced the launch of a new SSP aimed at APAC publishers, named MicroAd COMPASS.

With the largest market share in Japan, MicroAd also serves advertisers with a DSP offering. This is an interesting addition to the APAC supply side landscape following the recent roll out of Pubmatic, and offers another alternative for local publishers to the Google hegemony.

We have a Q&As with Mr. Watanabe, MicroAd CEO, covering the story in more detail. For now, the press release continues below.

MicroAd, Inc. (CEO: Kentaro Watanabe; hereinafter referred to as “MicroAd”), the leading Online Ad Platform company in Japan, today announced the launch of its supply-side platform (SSP), “MicroAd COMPASS”, which enables online publishers to maximize their ad revenue, across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. This marks another fundamental step to extend MicroAd’s successful ad platform model to other APAC countries.

“MicroAd COMPASS” is a programmatic platform for online publishers to monetize their ad inventory and discover new sources of ad revenue. There are currently more than 5,000 publishers in Japan using the platform to manage display ad sales and inventory on both PC and mobile websites. To enable the maximization of ad revenue, “MicroAd COMPASS” has 2 main features:

(1) In addition to the management of direct-sold ad inventory, “MicroAd COMPASS” integrates programmatic selling through its connections with partner DSPs and ad networks. Furthermore, it maximizes publishers’ ad revenue via real-time “Full Flat Auction” that identifies and displays the ad with the highest price on publishers’ website.


(2) Besides, “MicroAd COMPASS” is equipped with comprehensive ad management tools which allow publishers to adjust the upper limit of ad delivery time and amount daily, further utilize the remnant inventory with inventory prediction function, and improve the efficiency in managing both direct-sold, guaranteed ads and programmatic, real-time-bidding ads in a single interface.

“As compared to Japan market where programmatic advertising is relatively more mature, most of the other APAC countries are still in the early adoption phases that publishers are not familiar with or even not aware of the programmatic platforms, and hence, educating the market posses a significant challenge,” said Douke Yasutaka, APAC SSP Director of MicroAd. “Nonetheless, we also see this as a vital opportunity as we are aiming to be the market leader in the region. For the overseas market expansion, we target to reach 20 to 30 major publishers in each country and a total of 200 publishers within 1 year.”

Dedicated to provide optimization solutions for online display advertising, MicroAd is the pioneering ad platform company with the largest market share in Japan, serving both demand and supply sides of ad inventory. It has expanded its presence into other APAC countries and launched its demand-side platform (DSP), MicroAd BLADE, which is currently used by more than 8,000 advertisers across the APAC region. To support the substantial rapid growth of demand in the overseas markets, it now unveils the SSP, “MicroAd COMPASS”, starting from the countries with higher demand, namely Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia and South Korea.



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