Major new Metaverse project launch from Yuga Labs

Massive vibes today as Yuga Labs, owners of Punks, BAYC and Meebits, dropped the trailer for their Bored Ape Yacht Club metaverse — there’s already a currency ($ape), gaming elements and collaborations with other NFT projects like World of Women and Cryptoadz baked in.

As much as Yuga and BAYC stand for the hype-driven corporate juggernaut side of NFTs — which many feel uncomfortable with— this still represents a paradigm shift in thinking across gaming, Web3, and the metaverse.

A shift with implications that are starting to resonate in wider entertainment — social media, music, film, IP, mobile, and all of the adjacent industries under the banner: “things people do with their free time”.

The world is changing, faster than ever.