2015 in Preview: Top 10 APAC Digital Trends 2015

2015 promises to be an exciting year for Digital Marketing and Media in Asia. The core metrics won’t feel that different from 2014, but there will be increased focus in a number of areas, alongside raised expectations as Asia expands and matures from a Digital perspective.

Here are the ten trends that, in DIA’s view, will change how online marketers across the region do business in the year ahead:

1. Big Data Explosion
The huge quantities of consumer data generated in Social and Digital spaces will begin to be harnessed by marketing and insight teams. The DMP will be the essential marketing tool for 2015

2. Death of the Desktop
Mobile apps, second screening and increased consumer sophistication create a perfect storm for Desktop only Digital marketers. Cross media connections and Mobile will be key

3. Emerging Ecommerce
Shopping will continue to migrate online at significant volume across Asia. This trend will start to seriously impact second tier markets with localized Amazon clones leading the charge

4. Digital Grows Up
Digital marketing matures as it achieves larger budget share. Standardization, measurement and ROI will all be in focus. A resurgent IAB will help referee.

5. Beyond the Click
Digital ROI will rightly be questioned. Brands will begin to align measurement with other channels meaning the end of CPC and CTR driven campaigns.

6. Programmatic Takeover
APAC has seen an influx of ad tech players from across the world to add to homegrown heavyweights. The infrastructure is ready and the brands will follow. Programmatic marketing will finally attract serious budgets in 2015.

7. Content is King
Prepare for more brand and campaign ideas to be expressed in content rather than traditional advertising. Although expect to pay or diversify as Facebook rolls down the shutters on free distribution.

8. Year of Mobile
Really, finally the year of Mobile. Huge projected smartphone penetrations, increased mobile traffic and the opportunity to connect with rural consumers will drive campaign share.

9. Return on Involvement
Brands that get involved or add value to communities both in the real world and online will achieve better ROI. Charity begins at home.

10. Post Digital
Digital moves out of the silo and into the everyday. This trend will have huge implications as brands across Asia begin to align budgets with the new realities of consumer behavior.

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APAC: Digital Trends 2015 [Infographic]

DIA - APAC Digital Trends 2015