Facebook announces new mobile targeting to help advertisers reach rural consumers

Consumers in Asia are coming online at a staggering rate, with the majority accessing the Internet via mobile networks. The flip side of this rapid change is that network speeds can vary and infrastructure is constantly changing.

In light of this, Facebook has announced it is introducing a mobile bandwidth targeting feature to assist brand marketers deliver more relevant messages to customers.

The new targeting option enables advertisers to reach people based on the network connection — 2G, 3G or 4G — they most often use when accessing Facebook.

facebook bandwidth targeting

The hope is that this creates a better experience for both Facebook customers and advertisers as creative and messaging become more targeted.

People want fast, efficient experiences on their phones. Our hope is that mobile network targeting can improve the experience people have with Facebook ads by helping advertisers deliver the right experience while respecting people’s device bandwidth and data costs.

This new feature will provide significant benefit to advertisers both in markets such as The Philippines, where network delivery is notoriously slow, and across much of rural Asia.