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2023 Unity Gaming Report: Navigating the Ever-Changing Landscape of Game Development

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Despite global economic challenges, the gaming industry is still bursting with innovation and creativity in 2023. Game developers are working faster than ever to create new and captivating games, while also keeping their existing player bases engaged for longer periods of time. What’s even better? Studios are simplifying game development, while still maintaining their incredible success.

Key 2021 trends, such as multi-platform games and longer game lifespans, are still in place, but the gaming industry has also seen significant changes over the past year. In mobile gaming, for example, there’s been a flight to quality as the number of daily active players for the median game has increased. Meanwhile, the number of customers making in-app purchases has decreased.

In this report the world’s largest game-engine Unity has compiled insights around the current status of game development, with data from over 230,000 Unity game developers and over 423,000 developers across several platforms. Unity has also invited successful innovators to provide their perspectives on current trends and forecasts for 2023.

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