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APAC Social and Mobile Usage to Surge in 2015

2015 promises to be an exciting year for digital marketing across APAC. In ever timely fashion, the comprehensive We Are Social Annual Report confirms this potential, highlighting robust growth for social, digital and mobile in the region over the coming 12 months.

As we saw in 2014, rising mobile adoption is increasingly THE dominant regional consumer trend. With more than 3.7 billion mobile phone connections, it comes almost as a surprise that only 22% of Asian consumers make use of mobile social services like WhatsApp or WeChat. Prepare for big increases – 2015, the year of mobile squared?

Although internet user data for some markets in Asia hasn’t been updated, traditional internet use still shows growth, with more than 1.4 billion now online.

Granular market numbers are also impressive. Each Asian internet user spends around 4.4 hours (through laptop/desktop) or 2.7 hours (through a mobile device) accessing the internet each day, with South East Asians registering the highest average daily use. Internet users in the Philippines lead the way with 6.3 hours online every day, more than double that of Japan with only 3.1 hours. Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia also reported more than 5 hours access through laptop or desktop. Time on mobile devices is comparable across Thailand (4.1 hours), Malaysia (3.7 hours) and India (3.4 hours).

Active social media users in APAC reached more than 1 billion, roughly 26% of total population. Singapore and Hong Kong consumers showed the biggest appetite for social, with more than 60% active in the channel. Interestingly, Japanese and Indian markets report only 19% and 9% of the population own active accounts respectively – low numbers for relatively open markets.

Mobile usage of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin continues to grow. Looking at the total mobile users of the top social network in each country in APAC, we see at least 0.8 billion active mobile social accounts in January 2015.

Mobile commerce is picking up significant momentum in East Asia, with data suggesting 37% of South Koreans bought something online via a mobile phone. The Chinese are also increasingly active mobile shoppers, with 27% of the population buying something through their phones in the past 30 days.

Check out the full We Are Social Guide to Digital, Social and Mobile in 2015 below for more detail. And follow us here on Digital in Asia for more info over the course of the year.

Digital, Social and Mobile in 2015


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