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2014 in Review: Top 5 Digital in Asia Articles

‘Tis the season for a review, and we’re not ones to miss an excuse here at DIA.

We’ll be looking back at top Digital in Asia content over the year, reviewing 2014 – an exciting year for digital and programmatic in Asia – and looking forward to 2015.

To get started, here’s our overview of the top 5 Digital in Asia articles for 2014.

1. Digital Marketing and Consumer Trends Summary 2014

Taking top spot is our review of consumer digital marketing trends for 2014. Asia is covered in depth across the content, but many trends are global, and we reflect that in the choice of material.

2. Focus On… Vietnam: Digital Landscape

Vietnam has been a hot spot for digital over 2014 and we expect things to get even hotter in 2015. With a population in excess of 90 million and internet penetration of 35.6%, Vietnam represents a huge opportunity for brands. Part of our Focus on… series covering individual Asian market Digital landscapes.

3. 5 Digital Marketing Trends for South East Asia in 2014

An infographic covering five marketing trends to watch out for in South East Asia 2014 produced by Syndacast. Easy takeaway content.

4. Focus On… Indonesia: Digital Landscape

Indonesia is one of the most exciting markets in Asia due to the sheer size of it’s 250m population. With 73m people online, Indonesia is Facebook’s second largest market globally, and Jakarta is the Twitter capital of the world. Part of our Focus on… series covering individual Asian market Digital landscapes.

5. Market Overview: The Rise of Asia’s Mobile Messaging Apps

The emergence of mobile messaging apps has been one of the big tech – in fact any news category – stories of recent years. Especially in Asia. Our market overview covers from Singapore to Myanmar.

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