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PWC Digital IQ study reveals appetite for change from the top

The latest PWC Digital IQ study shows that Asia CEOs lead the way on Digital. There is however concern on the ability of businesses in Asia to deliver transformational Digital strategies top to bottom.

80% of respondents from Asia said their CEOs are active champions of Digital strategy, compared to 71% overall.

And 89% say their CEO and CIO have a strong relationship – much higher than the average of 69%.

However, at 87%, respondents from Asia are considerably more concerned than their global counterparts (74%) about the inability to quickly adopt to new Digital realities as a threat to organizational growth.

Success in capturing value from Digital investments starts with the CEO and requires that company leadership agrees on making Digital a priority. But it doesn’t finish there.

Until the entire business is acting accordingly in everything they do the work is not complete. Perhaps the key conclusion to draw from the survey is that, across Asia, the will for Digital transformation from the top, still needs to translate to everyday business practice on the ground.

Find more detail on the study here.

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